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10 Reasons Men Should Squat

The Squat is a tough exercise, there is no denying that. However, due to popularity and craving to get that “peachy bum” look, it’s popularity has grown massively among female gym goers. You can’t scroll down a fitness page without a post targeted at women telling them to squat, or [...]

I’ll Start in the New Year

The closer it gets to Christmas, the more often we hear the phrase “I’ll start in the New Year”. This is in regards to many things, not just fitness. In some cases I can understand this, and of course we relate. But when it comes to your health and well-being [...]


"Yes, I know. I know those doughnuts are tempting. All those colourful sprinkles. The cream filling. The Glaze! The glorious Glaze! And on top of all that: They're free - someone brought them into work and left them right here. Right in front of me. Surely, this must be some [...]


We have got some brand new testimonials for you! Some of our members, both long and short term, have kindly shared some of their experiences for you to hear. Some were even brave enough to train for the camera! Have a click on the testimonials tab and you can [...]


Not the most exciting title for our first post (maybe the exclamation marks can help that a little?). However, we have finally decided to get with the times and have launched an official instagram account. For those of you who have it, go and give us a follow here: [...]

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