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Are you ready for some Exclusive News?

Yes, the pun was most definitely intended there. It’s been a long time coming, but as promised, the new website is up and running. And where there’s a new website, there’s a new news section.

So, what can you expect?

In short, you can expect a lot. We will be using this section to give you some progress stories on our members, some new ideas for training, trainer blogs, nutritional/general training advice and much,  much more. There will be lot’s of content, and something for every one with an interest in health and fitness (which, if you are reading this, I’d assume you already have!).

We are even open to suggestions here at Exclusive Fitness. Have something you are interested in? Or would like us to take a crack at a fitness related challenge and feed back the results? Why not drop us an email and you may well get a news piece in return.

Check back daily, weekly, monthly – whichever you please – and make sure you follow us on Facebook where we will send out notifications on any new articles that are coming.

That’s all for now. Happy training!

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