Howard Foster
Primal Health Coach & Senior Trainer

Howard spent three decades overseas working in adventure travel and tourism, successfully leading treks and cycle rides through Nepal, Peru, China, New Zealand, Morocco and Tanzania. As well as his role as a group leader on gruelling physical challenges, he spent four years collaborating with the Governments of Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea as part of a team establishing Marine Mammal Protected Areas (MMPAS) in the Pacific.

Having established Exclusive Fitness in 2015, he knows what it takes to motivate clients to achieve their health & fitness goals. As a great believer that age is no barrier to an active lifestyle, Howard enjoys setting himself and Exclusive clients new challenges and to that end has established ‘Exclusive Escapades’, our sister company, to do just that. In 2018 he will be leading groups to North Africa to summit it’s highest mountain, Hawaii to SCUBA dive with sharks and to Languedoc Roussillon for a luxury fitness retreat staying in a stunning property enjoying gourmet food and wine.

Howard combines a low-carb way of eating with innovative training methods to make you leaner, stronger and more confident