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“Here at Exclusive Fitness, we pride ourselves on not just the results of our members, but also their journey in getting to those results. Here are a few of their stories:”

“I started training at Exclusive Fitness to try to improve my upper body and core strength to help me on the track when I’m kart racing. It has given me many other unexpected benefits, including helping me to stay trim at an advantageous weight for my racing division!”

“I’m also pleased to find that my overall health has improved, my body fat % has dropped and the guys have been able to help me improve some old injuries, specifically in my shoulders. They came up with a successful strengthening programme for that, my driving has improved, my weight has stayed low and I hold the Studio record for the longest plank (12:28), so my core strength has certainly improved! All round an excellent experience and I can’t recommend it enough”


Tim Hill

“One of the big pluses of Exclusive Fitness is that it fits in perfectly with my busy lifestyle. Running my own company can be very demanding, so when I’m at the Studio I can simply focus on my health and fitness with guidance and motivation from my Trainer. I’m finding that as my health improves, so does my performance at work.”

“My sessions at Exclusive with Tom help me to relax and despite the fact that it can very hard work, I’m really happy with the results I’m getting. It’s the right mixture of professionalism and fun that works well for me that keeps me coming back for more.”


Kim Brown

“Exclusive Fitness provides a unique experience in Canterbury. The privacy of the Studio, the knowledge and experience of the Team and the way they constantly adapt my programme to suit my needs combine to get me great results”

“Catch & release sport fishing is my passion and the strength training I’ve received at Exclusive has helped me immensely. When I’m fighting a big shark or tuna I’m thankful for all the times I’ve been made to bench press my own bodyweight, smash the battle ropes 50 times or throw a 20kg slam ball repeatedly on the floor! Another aspect that I enjoy is that I can work with different Trainers to shake things up a bit and you certainly won’t find that possibility at another gym.


Andy Griffith

“Matt and Howard are my two Personal Trainers and my weekly visits to the Studio help me to maintain my strength and fitness. I regularly play tennis and golf and my programme at the Studio complements these and other activites like skiing that I enjoy”

“The Exclusive Fitness Team have been very adept at working to rehabilitate and strengthen my legs following double knee replacement surgery. They’ve incorporated suggestions from my Physiotherapist into my programme and the outcomes have been excellent. I’m really pleased with my progress and enjoy the new challenges that my Trainers set me each week.”


Simon Pentacost

“Before working with the Team at Exclusive I was finding that I was suffering from running injuries more often than usual and that it was impacting my ability to train. I’d never thought to incorporate heavy lifting into my training programme before and have been very pleased by how it’s affected my running performance”

“Since working with the Team at the Studio I’ve managed to hit some new personal best times and my tailor-made programme has really helped with that. As a professional powerlifter, my Trainer Tom was able to transfer his skills and knowledge across in order to make me a stronger runner. By building new muscle on my legs and strengthening my core, it’s protecting my joints and preventing injuries. The Exclusive Trainers are by far the most experienced and professional that I’ve come across, with a huge amount of experience and skills between them. If you want to take your performance in your chosen sport to the next level, then I can certainly recommend the Exclusive Team.”


Sarah Hotham

“Just over a year ago we decided as a family to become healthier together and joined a large commercial gym in Canterbury to work with Personal Trainers. My daughter Jess and my wife both had dissapointing experiences, but then we heard about Exclusive Fitness, came in for a chat with the Team and we haven’t looked back”

“Training as a family with the Exclusive Team has been a hugely positive experience for us. The benefits are innumerable, with both of my teenage children growing in confidence which has helped their studies, their personal relationships and in the case of my son James, his hockey game. Now when we sit down at the dinner table the conversation inevitably turns to what each of accomplished with our Trainer that day, in a humorous but still competitive way! It’s brought us together as a family and we all thoroughly enjoy it. As well as the obvious health benefits, the Trainers take a genuine interest in us and our individual goals and it is as much a social activity as a ‘workout session’. I thoroughly recommend it, particularly if you’ve tried other gyms in Canterbury, as Exclusive Fitness stands out as truly exceptional”


John Meakin

“My Mum and I had been with Personal Trainers at a big local gym before we found Exclusive Fitness, but we didn’t feel like we were getting much benefit from it. That all changed when we came here and started working with the Team in their private Studio. Becoming part of the ‘Exclusive Family’ has been a fantastic experience for me.”

“I love excercising at the Exclusive Studio because it’s private, the Trainers focus 100% on me and we can have a laugh while we’re working too! I feel so much happier as well, being able to lift really heavy weights as a girl has given me newfound confidence and they keep pushing me to bigger achievements. When I worked with a Trainer elsewhere, they had me using tiny little dumbbells and to be honest it was quite boring. Now I can squat more than my own bodyweight and do more than 50 press ups in a minute! I think a lot of girls tend to use cardio machines in big gyms because they are intimidated by using the free weights, but the Exclusive Trainers will teach you safely, in private, how to lift properly. I’m really strong now and am very happy with my figure!”


Jess Meakin

“For me as a hockey player the benefits of working with the Exclusive Team are easy to measure. I’ve got much stronger since coming here and I’ve gained over 5kg of muscle, but kept a low body fat %. My confidence has increased, my game is better and I really enjoy the banter with the Team.”

“I had some lower back issues before I started training that I was seeing a Physiotherapist about, my Trainer took a keen interest in this, spoke with my Physio’ and then came up with a plan to strengthen my lower back and improve my posture and it has worked very well. My confidence has increased, I have a lot more energy and I enjoy the banter with the Team. Now I have a much deeper understanding about exercise and nutrition and know how to do things safely and get the most benefit from them. I sometime socialise with the Trainers too which can be a lot of fun, though they try and keep me out of trouble!”


James Meakin

“My son Philip started training with Exclusive Fitness after we both met Howard on a coast to coast cycling challenge across France. After seeing Philip’s health and fitness improve I decided to begin training too, to the point when just recently Howard managed to talk me into doing a Tough Mudder.”

“I successfully compeleted the Tough Mudder alongside my sons Philip and Theo, Howard, Ellie, and some other adventurous Exclusive clients. Though when Howard asked me immediately afterwards to join the 2018 Tough Mudder team I politely declined as I felt one was plenty. In recent months my partner Simon has begun to train here to great effect and Theo had a stint training with Tom before going back to University which he thoroughly enjoyed. We like the sense of community here and the fact that the Team understand our different training needs and accommodate each of us individually. It’s some measure of our trust in the Exclusive Team that Simon and I have just signed up for the inaugral Exclusive Escapades adventure to climb Mt. Toubkal next year, North Africa’s highest mountain. Howard, who is a qualified Mountain Leader amongst other things, will be preparing us for the challenge in the coming months and then leading us on the trip himself.”


Ann Astbury


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