Ben Davis - Personal Trainer

Ben Davis

Personal Trainer

Ben has a proven ability to design and implement tailored programmes and achieve consistently successful results. Ben's clients have regularly commented on his excellent rapport-building skills, as he can communicate with clients on all levels, in both group and 1:1 situations. 

First and foremost, Ben prefers to see himself as a coach who's been fortunate to work with a diverse age range of clients, from young to mature, including coaching children in football and taking senior classes that focus on functional movements.

Much of Ben's skillset was acquired working across London for several years at numerous private and public gyms, developing different skills and undertaking dozens of courses, seminars and workshops led by some of the best and brightest working in today's fitness industry.
His main objective is to teach you the fundamental back to basic skills of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Ben focuses on teaching you the core values of fitness and nutrition for healthy lifelong sustainability, rather than just a quick fix! 

Ben is here to help you figure out what training style works best for you personally, to help keep you training consistently and with confidence.