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Unlike the big commercial gyms in town, you can train without fear of prying eyes and relax as we devote our full attention to your needs. Many people are intimidated or put off by the large, often crowded gyms that make up the old fashioned health and fitness landscape; Exclusive Fitness provides a completely bespoke alternative. Come and see for yourself

Meet the Team

  • Tom Forrest - Senior Trainer
    Tom Forrest
    Senior TrainerRead more about Tom Forrest
  • Leon Baker - Senior Trainer
    Leon Baker
    Senior TrainerRead more about Leon Baker
  • Sean Laws - Personal Trainer
    Sean Laws
    Personal TrainerRead more about Sean Laws
  • Ben Davis - Personal Trainer
    Ben Davis
    Personal TrainerRead more about Ben Davis
  • Joanna Kersley - Personal Trainer
    Joanna Kersley
    Personal TrainerRead more about Joanna Kersley
  • Karina Hogben - Personal Trainer
    Karina Hogben
    Personal TrainerRead more about Karina Hogben

Our Reviews

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    Working with Leon has been excellent. It feels like the workouts are tailored to my goals, my previous injury history, and my past training experience (i.e. I usually stick to machines, while my training with Exclusive is based around free weights, where I'm less confident working out alone) Gym is clean, very well equipped, and a great environment to work towards my goals. Highly recommended!
    Mark Cross
    16th November 2023
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    I have been going to Exclusive Fitness for a number of months now. I started due to my complete lack of confidence, motivation and heavy dislike for exercise. Whilst I can’t say I enjoy the gym; Exclusive Fitness is the most comfortable, welcoming, accommodating and motivating place that keeps me going. All the coaches know exactly how to work with me each session whether I’m in a positive or negative mood. Best of all I have begun to see changes happen to my body and excited to keep working with them to improve myself further. Exclusive fitness is definitely the place if you’re struggling on gym knowledge, confidence building, general motivation or just want someone to push you further!
    Aiden Strong
    8th November 2023
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    I've not exercised for years and it shows, or I should say it showed! Since starting in May, the whole team has been great by finding the time to train me outside of my changing work shift pattern. The results are clear and improving week on week, and my stamina and strength are leading me to keep on losing the weight I need to shed. Without the teams support and encouragement, I would have given up. The team has great knowledge of nutrition and what exercise is required to achieve your personal goal and share this with you throughout.
    Darren Taylor
    20th September 2023

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